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Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica


Nux vomica is chiefly linked to workaholic personalities who drive themselves to stress and excess. Ambitious and pushy, they thrive on challenges, and often work in entrepreneurial or managerial jobs. The typical pattern is of someone who oversensitive and intolerant of criticism, yet perfectionist and often very critical of others. Such highly driven people tend to overload their bodies at play as well as it work. They tend to have high sex drives, consume too much rich food, coffee, and alcohol, and abuse drugs. The indulgence can create tension and sleeplessness, and often leads to digestive disorders (most seriously, peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, or liver problems when the body can no longer keep up with the lifestyle).

If the profile matches, Nux vomica is given for irritability, insomnia, digestive symptoms, colds and influenza, asthma, cystitis, and menstrual or pregnancy problems. typically symptoms are worse for cold, noise, light and odors.

Irritability & Insomnia

Symptoms: Hangover-like symptoms, with disrupted sleep and great irascibility, due to an excessive lifestyle with too much alcohol, coffee, or other stimulants. A headache that feels as if a nail has been driven into the forehead is typical, as is waking at around 4 a.m, feeling very irritable and unable to sleep again until morning.

Symptoms better: for warmth, rest and hot drinks.
Symptoms worse: for cold, open air, noise, light and strong odors.

Digestive Disorders

Symptoms: Indigestion, and vomiting with painful retching. Diarrhea is accompanied by abdominal cramps, and nausea by colicky pain. Constipation may make it difficult to empty the bowel fully. Hemorrhoids and constipation may be due to rectal spasms. The abdomen is often bloated and flatulent. There may be cravings for stimulants or spicy, fatty, or rich foods, even though these only aggravate symptoms.

Symptoms better: for warmth, resting, sleep, firm pressure on the abdomen and in the evening.
Symptoms worse: for cold, touch, noise, mental overexertion, repressing emotions, between 3 am and 4 am, stimulants, eating and spicy foods.

Colds & Influenza

Symptoms: Runny catarrh by day, especially in warm rooms, but a blocked nose at night. There may be sneezing, a sore throat and dry, tickly cough, headaches, and watery, sensitive eyes, or influenza with aching muscles and shivery fever.

Symptoms better: for warmth, sleep, being left alone, in the evening.
Symptoms worse: for cold, dry weather, touch, noise , overexertion, between 3 am and 4 am.

Women's Health

Symptoms: Cystitis with spasmodic pain in the bladder, and a frequent but ineffectual urge to urinate. Early, irregular, or heavy menstruation with cramping pains is treated with the remedy, as is menstruation preceded by faintness, and premenstrual syndrome with a violent temper. In pregnancy Nux vomica may be used to help ease fatigue, frequent urination, numbness in the arms, leg cramps, constipation, and morning sickness.

Symptoms better: for warmth, sleep, in the evening, for firm pressure on the affected area, being left alone, for washing and warm compresses.
Symptoms worse: for mental overexertion, touch, noise, stimulants, eating and spicy foods.


Native to Southeast Asia, the tree grows in sandy soil in dry forests of India, Burma, Thailand, China, and Australia.


A rat poison in medieval Europe, and also used to treat the plague. Indian herbalists use the bark to treat cholera, and in Nepal it is prescribed for menstrual problems, rabies and paralysis.


The dried, ripe seeds are steeped in alcohol for at least five days, before being filtered, diluted, and successed.

Common Names

Nux vomica, Quaker buttons (seeds).

Reference: Encyclopedia of Homeopathy, Andrew lockie, MD

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