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Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album is given chiefly to treat the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory tracts.

The key symptoms of arsenicum album are anxiety about health, restlessness and exhaustion, chilliness, thirst for small sips of water and burning pains that are better for warmth.


Those most suited to arsenicum album are affectionate, sensitive, and stable in good health, but may be prone to restlessness, stress, and anxiety about their health, with a deep need for reassurance.

Illness brings rapid physical and mental exhaustion and chaos, which heightens their fears and vulnerability, and can cause severe anxiety or pessimism. Perfectionists by nature, they are intolerant of disorder, and when under stress or ill may develop phobias or obsessions - for example, about cleanliness. They like alcohol, warm drinks, and warm, sour, sweet, and fatty foods.

Arsenicum album is a key remedy for asthma and breathlessness. It is also prescribed for violent digestive upsets with diarrhea and vomiting, headaches, burning eye inflammation, and itchy, weepy skin complaints.

Respiratory illness

Symptoms: Asthma or severe breathlessness, possibly brought on by stress or anxiety. There is typically susceptibility to colds, violent sneezing, and hay fever. Burning, watery catarrh causes the nostrils and lips to become dry, cracked, and sensitive. Weakness and extreme fatigue are common.

Symptoms better: for warmth, for movement, for sitting upright, for warm drinks.
Symptoms worse: for cold, dry, windy weather; between midnight and 2am, for stress on the right side of the body, for cold foods and drinks.

Digestive disorders

Symptoms: Indigestion and colitis, aggravated by stress and anxiety. Watery, offensive-smelling stools cause soreness around the anus and burning pain in the rectum. There may be vomiting or diarrhea followed by exhaustion and dehydration. Excessive consumption of alcohol, ripe fruit and vegetables, and iced foods may cause gastroenteritis. If there is any fever, the body feels hot to the touch while chilled inside, or cold to the touch but burning inside.

Symptoms better: for warmth, for movement, for lying with the head propped up, for sips of water.
Symptoms worse: for exposure to the cold; between midnight and 2am, for stress, for cold foods and drinks.

Food Poisoning

Symptoms: Burning, stinging vomiting, with exhaustion and dehydration, and nausea on the sight or smell of food.

Symptoms better: for warmth, for movement, for sips of water.
Symptoms worse: for cold; between midnight and 2am.


Symptoms: Pain beginning at the bridge of the nose and extending over the entire head, with dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.  Excitement, stress, and anxiety may aggravate the pain.

Symptoms better: for cold air, for cold compresses.
Symptoms worse: for stress or excitement, for overheating, for tobacco smoke, for the smell of food.

Eye Inflammation

Symptoms: Inflamed, stinging eyes with burning pains and sensitivity to bright light.

Symptoms better: for warm compresses.
Symptoms worse: for cold air, for tobacco smoke.


Symptoms: Itching, burning, cracked skin. Scratching causes weeping, bleeding, raw skin.

Symptoms better: for warm compresses, for movement.
Symptoms worse: for anxiety, between midnight and 2am


Extracted from the mineral arsenopyrite, which is found in Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, and Canada.


Arsenicum album is triturated by being ground repeatedly with lactose sugar until it is soluble in water. It is then further diluted and succussed.

Reference: Encyclopedia of Homeopathy, Andrew Lockie, MD.

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