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Chamomilla Matricaria

Chamomilla Matricaria

The name of this plant derives from the Greek chamaimelon, or ''earth apple'', so called because of the applelike scent of its blossoms. Chamomilla is used for ailments with extreme sensitivity to pain, especially in children.


Chamomilla works best for those exhibiting an extremely low pain threshold, as well as anger, marked irritability and hostility. Often hypersensitive, they are bad-tempered, easily offended, and impossible to please. They flush easily when angry, and hate being touched. Bad temper, anger or stress exacerbate physical symptoms.

Chamomilla is often given to children who are snappy, wail when ill, and are pacified only if being carried and cuddled by someone walking around.

Typical Chamomilla symptoms are great irritability and pain that seems unbearable. The remedy is given for teething pain, fever, stomach pain with diarrhea, menstrual or labour pains, and sore, inflamed nipples during breast-feeding.


Symptoms: Hypersensitivity to pain, and hostility and anger that triggers physical problems. Things may be demanded then promptly thrown away.

Symptoms better: for being carried, for perspiring
Symptoms worse: for being touched, for being put down

Toothaches, teething & earaches

Symptoms: Excruciating pain in the teeth or ears, with fever. Toothache flares up after a hot drink or if a tooth is pressed. Swollen glands may cause face and neck pain, and the ears, nose and throat may feel blocked and numb. Babies teething may scream angrily, insist on being carried, and have greenish diarrhea.

Symptoms better: for cold, for being carried
Symptoms worse: for heat, for warm foods and drinks


Symptoms: A hot, flushed state, often with one cheek red and the other pale. There may be irritability, shivering and a tendency to sweat easily.

Symptoms better: for cold
Symptoms worse: for heat, for warm foods and drinks

Colic & diarrhea

Symptoms: Colicky pain in the abdomen, possibly with pale green diarrhea that smells of rotten eggs. Colic in children may cause restlessness and arching of the back.

Symptoms better: for warm compresses on the abdomen, for fasting
Symptoms worse: for heat, for fresh air, for anger

Menstrual & labour pain

Symptoms: Menstrual cramps or labour pains, possibly severe enough to cause sweats, anger, or fainting. Anger may trigger non-menstrual bleeding.

Symptoms better: for being driven in a car
Symptoms worse: for heat, for drafts, for wind, for damp, for anger, for touch.


Chamomilla was used to treat disorders of the digestive system since the 1st century. Chamomile tea is well known as a calming drink that aids sleep.


The whole fresh plant is harvested when in flower. It is finely chopped and macerated in alcohol, before being filtered, diluted, and succussed.

Common Names

German chamomile, corn feverfew, wild chamomile

Refrences: Encyclopedia of Homeopathy-Andrew Lockie, MD

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